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Murphy beds make guest room a miltupurpose room

Her design, which she had a carpenter build, does not look like cabinetry. The bed is incased in a faux wall to drop to the floor. The wall is really a platform for the queen size matress. The shelf becomes the support for the foot of the bed.

It was the first time Casey ever recommended a Murphy bed to a client. She wrote about the project on her design blog, at, and the post drew inquiries from around the country she said. She is not the one to think on a new twist on the Murphy bed. Some manufacturers also have designed beds that, like hers, are hidden in a faux wall rather than traditional cabinet. Resource furniture in New York sells a wall bed that flips down over the top of a couch attached to a fake wall, said Nicole Hassman, an interior designer in Century City, CA.

The whole bed comes down to the couch, and it’s a proper bed, she said. It’s pretty amazing.

Sassman recently designed a room that she and the client nicknamed the “Jacknife room” because it serves so many purposes, including guest room, meeting room and home office. It includes a Murphy bed, they are just more versatile and confortable than sofa beds, she said.

“People are far more design savy and they also need multipurpose rooms” Sassman said. “There are so many reason why the Murphy bad works on so many places”

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