Good Morning,

I wanted to thank Michaela, Art, Theresa and Ron for joining me at the airport last night and welcoming The Sunshine Kids back from Steamboat, CO…..oh my gosh, what an experience we had.

It was awesome watching those huge smiles walking down the concourse and seeing their families. I can’t thank our new friend Art enough for being there with his camera and video equipment, he is going to put together an awesome piece for us to use in the future for our fundraising endeavors. He and Michaela interviewed all of the kids and some parents, it was priceless, I am so blessed to be a part of The SSK and to have wonderful friends in my life to volunteer their time…..thank you so very much!

Nurse Jackie, what a pleasure to meet you and there or no words to explain the difference you have made in these kids lives… are a “Rock Star”, get some much needed rest!

Please read the note below that one of the parents sent to me last night……AWESOME!

-Janet Yon

BHHS Sunshine Kids Ambassador